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Where do they come from?

We cleared a lot of the cases so far. There is still a matter of how was the vampire myth created. From where does it originate. Most people believe that they come from Transylvania because of the Lord Dracula. There is proof that Dracula exist but he was not a vampire. He enjoyed torturing is prisoners and loved to impale them. Actully, he was very kind. The ''bloody'' robin hood. All of the terrain and farms he conquered, he gave them to poor poeple in is villages. I wondering of starting another chapter in the page on Dracula.

A cult might just be the answer. Many religion were form and a Blood-religion were the religious had to drink blood or even bath in it is probable and I find it to be the best reason for it. Then attracting more and more disciples, it took size and probably legend stayed of them after the cult ''Died''. Or this might just be false since no actully dont know any prof to back this up.

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