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My Belief

First, let me present myself. My name is Francis and I'm a fifteen year old boy that is fascinated by Vampires. I'm currently working on a book called Francisco's legacy which contains vampires but in a more evil way then they truly are in real life (If they are any, that is a opinion shared differently depending on the person's point of view). I know that 99% of the people that claims to be vampires are not implicated in any criminal crimes or ''Evil'' ways. I am surfing the web trying to accumulate the most vampire information I can get my eyes on. I have never been implicated in any vampire acts (Blood exchange and other stuff related to vampirism), I have never seen a vampire with my own eyes. I am trying to explain vampire as I think they are. Human that beleives they are vampires, medical sickness that as some affects taht could be related on vampires, poeple thinking they are but are not, and others...

For what I believe... I think that the religious vampire (the one that comes from hell) doesn't exist and was only created for entertainment in books or films. Take Nosferatus for example, a creature that as a lust for blood. It will kill to get what it wants. The image of the killing beast still resides in people’s mind. If vampire truly exist, they couldn't be brain-less killing machines. Just look in the news-paper and try to find articles about a killing related to vampirism. It is rare. They are lots of other images of vampires. Some more believed than others. I am more science than faith. I do not believe that true vampires as they are truly claimed to be with super strength and faster speed. Of course, it would be cool to be a vampire and do that kind of stuff don't you think?