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Vampirism, Myth? Legend? Fact? Disease?

Welcome to my vampire page!

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For the time you will pass with me, we shall try to understand and explain the mysterious legend of vampires. What exactly are they? How were they ''Created'' or if you better like, from were do they come from. Which disease may we relay to vampirism and I will try to ''interview'' some people who thinks they are affected by vampirism. I did not write this text to offence anyone. If you do not believe and don't like what is written here please leave the page immediately. If you want to share some knowledge with me, you may contact me on my E-mail;

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Coming soon;

-New information on vampires

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-Other explanation on mythical creatures

-And more....


This page was made the 9 June 2000. I know that I do a lot of spelling mistake and I will try to get it corrected real soon.

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